10 tips to avoid the luggage overweight

By Jose Leo Garelli octubre 13, 2014 10:30

10 tips to avoid the luggage overweight

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  • Avoid using suitcases which are quite heavy even when empty

One of the major worries when it comes to travel is not to exceed the weight and the dimensions of the luggage, in order to avoid the fines, penalties, and embarrasing moments in front of the airline check–in desk at the airport before the eyes of the airline employees and the other passengers.

If you want to avoid the cold sweating and having to unpack and repack your suitcase on the airport floor, follow these simple but valuable tips to make sure that both your suitcases and carry-on luggage are not too heavy.

1. When buying your ticket, check carefully the policies of the airline regarding the weight and dimensions of both, the checked and the hand luggage. Depending on the fare charged for the class you are travelling in (economy, bussiness or first) and even of the city of destination and origin, you will be permitted a larger ammount of luggage or of weight.

2. To be a frequent flyer of the airline, could benefit you regarding the luggage.

3. Avoid using suitcases which are quite heavy even when empty. Keep this advise in mind , but do not exagerate buying less resisstant ones.

4. The size is also important, specially the one of the hand luggage, Remember that many airlines use a baggage frame to make sure the suitcases do not exceed the established measures.

5. Write a list with the articles you will pack. Check it several times to see that you are taking just the items you need for the trip. You can avoid to put in the luggage things that can be easily purchased in the city of destination, as for example personal care products.

6. Try not to take unnecessary things like books, similar pairs of shoes, clothes you will probably not use, etc.

7. You can just take a few pieces of clothing and take advantage of the laundry services in the place of destination.

8. Weigh your luggage before leaving for the airport. This way you will be sure it has the right weight.

9. In case it were imposible to take enough things out of the heavy luggage, check the fares that apply for the overweight. Maybe it would be better for you to pay this ammount.

10. To be determined not to pay the penalty for luggage overweight may bring you secondary benefits: it is the perfect excuse for you to get rid of your old clothes.

By Jose Leo Garelli octubre 13, 2014 10:30